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OK that's a lot clearer : you are unambiguously FOR the existing technocratic lobby-captured structure, and in favour of transferring more competencies into that opaque magma, and AGAINST any attempt to make it more transparent or bring any degree of real democratic accountability to bear. To the extent that you assimilate any attempt at positive reform with the wreckers -- Farage, Trump, Salvini etc.

That existing model has brought the EU to the edge of implosion. The fallacy that the Council represents the interests of the EU -- and that it is democratic -- ought to be easy to see through.

With nationalism back in style, we need an empowered Parliament. Even with a right wing majority, the fact that matters are debated transparently, with all the arguments on the table, means that even the right wingers are more progressive than their respective governments.

The 2019 elections are our last chance to salvage the EU. It's a long shot, and after that I shall cultivate my garden.

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by eurogreen on Wed Jun 13th, 2018 at 08:29:20 AM EST
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