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It took two nuclear bombs to bring Japan to the point of surrender. I don't think the UK - or more accurately, the Tory party - is quite there yet. Delusions still abound.

At the moment the June EU summit seems doomed to failure, and with it May's reputation for keeping the process going. It seems likely that she will lose a critical Commons vote sometime soon, but that may only usher in another Tory leader, not a general election.

Whatever chance May has of evoking a sympathetic response from EU leaders, Johnson, Gove, or Rees-Mogg have none. The will have no choice but to go for a no-deal "clean" break from the EU, with all the consequences described in the Times article.

Then after about two years of absolute mayhem I would expect a general election and a new government led by Corbyn. But he will receive no better welcome from the EU, particularly it's far right eastern leaders.

This has the potential of going complete out of control and downhill all the way, with the additional complications of the Italian crisis and the Trump Trade War thrown in for good measure.

How to destroy a relatively benign global economic outlook in three easy lessons. I still can't see a bottom to all of this...

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