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as had Naples and several other Italian port cities

One  of which was Palermo. With good reason.

There was a time when the door to Ruben's store had to stay permanently shut, even during opening hours.

Originally from Bangladesh, in 2002 he opened a money-wiring store on Maqueda street, one of the main arteries in Palermo's city's historic center and one of its most diverse. Amid crumbling facades and historical palaces tourists stop to admire, in this stretch of the road the omnipresent souvenirs are sold alongside Asian saris and North African spices.

It is here that 11 shop owners, 10 Bangladeshi and one Tunisian, decided to challenge a system of street crime and extortion against them and other local merchants by a local mafia group by breaking the silence on what was happening.

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"We have always encouraged collective efforts to report, because more people means fewer risks."

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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