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post-colonial cash crops
As part of the transport objective, the European Parliament also managed to clinch an agreement that will lead to a phase out of palm oil by 2030, starting with a freeze on existing quantities of imported palm, Turmes told EURACTIV.

That is likely to anger Malaysia and Indonesia, the world's two biggest producers of palm oil, which have threatened of trade retaliation measures in case a ban is agreed.

The biofuels part of the deal also includes a freeze on so-called first generation biofuels like ethanol, which are produced domestically, at the levels of production reached by each EU member state in 2020. A corresponding 3.5% target was set for so-called second generation biofuels coming from non-food crops, like wood residues.

France: Farmers Block Refineries to Protest Palm Oil Import, 11 JUNE
"This blockade cannot be the solution to the discussion that we are going to have. This blockade is illegal. It is not by blocking refineries that we are going to find adequate solutions," Travert told RTL Radio.

Last month, authorities gave Total permission to use palm oil as a feedstock. The farmers are strongly opposed to the importation of the product which, they say, will likely cut into the profits of locally produced rapeseed oil. Palm oil is cheaper than rapeseed oil.

"Our target is the state," Lambert said, adding that Total's decision on palm oil was "the last straw."

Environmentalists have blamed palm oil cultivation for deforestation in southeast Asia [BUT NOT AFRICA]. Some European lawmakers are pushing for a ban on palm oil use in biofuel, citing its effect on the environment.

New EU 'Peace fund' [EPF] could buy weapons for Africa

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