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ECB to keep rates at record lows until summer 2019, cuts economic outlook
"Uncertainties related to global factors, including the threat of increased protectionism, have become more prominent, the risk of persistent heightened financial market volatility warrants monitoring," ECB chief Mario Draghi said.
The spending plans of Italy's new populist government have also revived concerns over the country's huge debt pile < wipes tears >.
All hands! Mystery solved!
"The Governing Council expects the key ECB interest rates to remain at their present levels at least through the summer of 2019, and in any case for as long as necessary to ensure that the evolution of inflation remains aligned with the current expectations of a sustained adjustment path," the ECB said.

The biggest complication for the process of normalisation could be a murky economic outlook, muddied by a developing trade war with the US, a populist challenge from Italy's new government and softening [!] export demand [REVENUE].
The euro's 5% fall against the dollar since April is also helping* the ECB as the weaker currency is increasing the cost [PRICES] of imports and boosting inflation.

*helping to disabuse int'l FX and "euro" bond speculators

'whatever it takes'
26 July 2012,  Global Investment Conference, London, UK.

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