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"The Way to Leave it, (A City Destroyed) Homeless People Enachna Germany."See World War II through the lens of an African American soldier

Happy Black History Y3 D166. The amount of historical tragedy that has been glossed by conventional, self-serving "Atlanticist" historians is astounding actually, because something like pride got between them destroying the whole paper trail. They hoard it. Now some people can't cope with contradictions only lately coming into light from the tombs

Images like this will always remind me how big my "family" is, of little known events like how my uncle Hugh met his 17-year-old bride Heddy in Berlin. He intervened in a um sexual assault scenario instigated by a posse of US soldiers. Her parents were grateful. He settled with her in Philly, raised 5. Frying pan, frying pan.

I mentioned elsewhere, in the context of Syrian rubble and property rights, all of my uncles were drafted and survived: 3 WWII (Europe, N. Africa), 1 Korea. They corresponded from the fronts to my dad, the youngest, at home. So he was able to convey to me their own impressions of segregated units, detached units in Allied batallions, neglect by US command long after they stopped talking about it.

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The history of African-American men in the US armed forces during the first fifty years of the 20th Century is completely unknown to 99% Euro-Americans.  Example, white Americans, especially southern whites, were driven stark raving bonkers when they found "colored troops" were preferred by Brit women during World War II.  Another, the same group had the same reaction when the French refused to enforce Jim Crow segregation laws in Paris during World War I.  

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