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From t.A.T.u. to Trump, do Western portrayals of 'gay' Russia miss the point?

Russia became public enemy number #1 amongst the liberal gay community, bringing out a generalised Russophobic sentiment that played on Cold War era tropes in much the same way as has been in evidence since the 2016 US election. We have always been trendsetters. Arch-liberal gay writer Dan Savage called for the boycott of Soviet-developed Stolichnaya vodka, despite the fact the brand is based in Luxembourg, and is a vocal supporter of LGBT rights organisations in the US, Europe and Russia. No matter, said Savage, "Stoli is a Russian vodka." Pro-gay solidarity protests were heavy on Soviet-era political imagery, with a number of design contests to produce campaign posters for the Sochi Olympics featuring subverted Stalinist and post-Stalinist era posters, with the aid of rainbow flags and pro-gay slogans.

But how about our "allies", the former East European Soviet satellite states and their xenophobic and homophobic behavior? From the Baltic states thru Poland to Romania and Hungary.

Poland's Supreme Court rules against printer who refused to make banners for LGBT+ group
We're down to 74 countries where homosexuality is illegal

Ahem ... now about the U.S. Supreme Court and LGBT rights ... baking a wedding cake!

Supreme Court rules narrowly for Colorado baker who wouldn't make same-sex wedding cake

It's all about freedom .... sure!

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