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Deputy Minister Marcin Warchoł sharply about the SN. "Promotes a totalitarian system" [Google translation]

The Supreme Court dismissed the cassation of Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro regarding the printer from Łódź. The case was referred to by the deputy minister of justice. According to him, the decision of the Supreme Court is "rape on conscience"

Recall: on Thursday the Supreme Court, after hearing the cassation brought by the prosecutor general in favor of Adam J, dismissed her. He decided that the man could not refuse to do the roll-up for the LGBT foundation.

- The Supreme Court ruled against freedom - Zbigniew Ziobro said after the judgment of the Supreme Court. The Minister of Justice stressed that the printer did not want to stigmatize homosexuals, but refused to print posters that promote their environment.

However, this is not all. The case was addressed by Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Warchoł. - The Supreme Court promotes a totalitarian system in which judges as an extraordinary caste fully control society and try to oversee all aspects of public and private life as much as possible - said Warchoł in an interview with the niezalezna.pl portal.

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