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How The GOP Hacked Orthodox Jews | The Forward - Opinion |

Last week saw a number of horrifying spectacles. Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, overturned asylum protections for domestic violence and gang violence victims while also quoting the New Testament to justify separating illegal immigrant parents from their children.

As if that weren't bad enough, Corey Stewart, a fervent praiser of white nationalists [NYT], won his GOP primary in Virginia.

As Jews, these events should horrify us. They mark a new era of mainstreamed bigotry in the United States. No longer can we pretend that Trump's embrace of bigotry was just a short-term strategy to win over some voters and challenge "political correctness." Now there are children, parents and entire families suffering. There are men who would take this all further, getting mainstream support for their views among Republican voters. Besides the moral abomination, our new reality also comes packaged with a healthy dose of anti-Semitism.

And yet, for Orthodox Jews, these are not reason enough to abandon the GOP.

Despite the fact that these candidates present a real and present danger to our community, I was hard-pressed to name a single right-wing Orthodox Jew who, pursuant to these events, had changed their mind about the GOP at all.

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