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Damn, at 81 Madeleine Albright comes to tell it all in a new book? WTF

Progressive bloggers have stated as such and warned both Democrats and Republicans in the "New American Century". How shameful for a leading Democrat to utter such "wisdom" after having been complicit in causing chaos across the globe in multiple administrations.

Every Democrat who voted for the Iraq War under George Bush ahead of the midterm election 2002 are debit to the Iraq crisis. And it didn't stop there ... torture, rendition, war crimes, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Bucca, Camps in Eastern Europe, Albania .. AFB Bagram in Kabul. Even torture across the Middle East, Libya and into Thailand. The roots of the Islamic State of the Levant (ISIL). Leading to proxy wars.

In the Obama administration under "leadership" of SoS HRC the NATO intervention in Libya and later in Syria to overthrow the authoritarian regimes. Hillary was the poster child for Turkey's Erdogan and Qatar's Al Jazeera. Not the Saudi regime but an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Indeed, Madeleine helped in creating chaos which has been at the roots of Xenophobia and Islamophobia.  No Mrs Albright, I have no interest in buying your new book about Fascism and Dictators. You even spend time and a chapter on our President Donald Trump [NYT]. In de Dutch interview you specifically mentioned: "He is not a fascist."

Please go away Madeleine, just similar to the chaos created by Brzezinski under the Carter administration in the AfPak region. Joined an alliance with Saudi dictatorship of extreme Islam and the Pakistan ISI. Chaos still exists and has worsened over almost four decades. Take that generation of losers, wrecking our institutions and falling astray from International governance, treaties and conventions on the principle of Human Rights. War and killing is not smart foreign policy. The enemy adepts and strikes back by any primitive means available.

Madeleine Albright in new book: Fascism A Warning: This is not about Trump | Dutch Nieuwsuur - June 29, 2018 |

Albright's new book, Fascism: A Warning

This sets up the fundamental analytical structure of the book, in which fascism appears simply as part of a generic "extremism" -- including the Eastern Bloc countries, as well as modern Venezuela -- without any particular characteristics of its own. The threat to liberal fair play comes from resentment and indignation of all kinds.

Indeed, given its focus on the risk of a slide toward fascism in modern America, it's remarkable that the book mentions black Americans only once. This single reference is a hostile mention of the Black Panthers in a list of 1960s movements, alongside Nazis, Communists, the John Birch Society, Yippies, and the Klan.

For Albright, what these groups have in common is that they are "extremists" who attack liberal democracy from the edges. What matters is not the content of what they are fighting for, but merely the fact that they are fighting: weaponized resentment challenges the rule of law and the smooth functioning of democratic debate.

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Madeline Albright asked about the Hillary Clinton's response speaking of Trump's "deplorables"... "She should not have used the term."

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