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How the attack on TV5Monde unfolded from reconnaissance to Zero Day | Bank Info Security - June 2017 |

The results of the attack have been well-publicized. In April 2015, online attackers sabotaged French broadcaster TV5Monde, knocking 12 of the broadcaster's channels offline for 18 hours.

But details about how the attack unfolded have just come to light, thanks to a presentation delivered by ANSSI - France's national cybersecurity agency - at an information security symposium held last week in the French city of Rennes. In its presentation, ANSSI thanked TV5Monde for allowing the information about the investigation to be released publicly, saying that unlike many organizations, the broadcaster was doing so to help others to better protect themselves.

One of the major takeaways from the investigation is that the attacker, or attack group, conducted reconnaissance inside the TV5Monde network for three months, following its initial access, before launching its sabotage operation. Just a few hours prior to that sabotage, which involved knocking multiple channels offline, the attackers compromised multiple TV5Monde social media accounts.

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Trump's 'Project Alamo'

According to Trumps digital campaign leader Brad Parscale, creator of this 'Project Alamo', Facebook, Twitter and Google were 'crucial' to win the elections. And it does not have to be large numbers at all; in America, elections are decided by small numbers, in specific places.

A future with AI will be far worse than what we see today from hackers and fake news/propaganda ...

The West is ill-prepared for the wave of "deep fakes" that artificial intelligence could unleash | Brookings Institute

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