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"is overstatement." (above)

ONS Most recent Statistical Reports, of which Ex. n, Kepak stable trade and profit ("value added") forecast (above). Review "real" NI livestock population. Review revisions to GDP calculation and classification of "output" by Factoryless Goods Producers (FPG) and Manufacturing Service Providers (EU-Eng. EMS) value assignment to X-M since 2012. Which is the "outsource" producer, IE or UK?

IE-UK trade and personal relationships are deeply integrated (dependent) and hardly any of it is regulated by EU agents. The populus is accustomed to desuetude, preceding their EU memberships and regardless of BREXIT settlement on the border issue, and is likely to resist interruption of "processing" income opportunities.

the event which has not occured

Media polemic that exaggerates future losses in volume and value of "free" trade between IE-UK performs three tasks for the petit bourgeois establishment ruling both govs: 1. understate IE gov's industrial and political intermediary position in UK supply chains; 2. understate class inequity in both countries; and 3. quantify the GFA imperative which is, actually, both political and economic independence from Tory gov. One wouldn't immediately apprehend that is a desirable outcome of BREXIT from reading IE headlines any give day.

Headlines. I had vowed to stop reading. But I can't for fear of missing out on the surprise. Any day now.

Reported revenge motives are a resurrected gloss on the state of "democracy". But rejecting tax authority over US-UK fintech certainly should have flagged IE gov domestic priorities for all time.

archived equity rules
Congratulations, Swissair/Sabena!

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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