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The Parliament, both the Assembly and the Senate, have been humiliated by Macron since the beginning: relegated to the sideline while the government was "reforming by decrees" and then invited to come to Versailles every year for a joint Assembly + Senate session, so that Macron can lecture them. By the Constitution, the President is only allowed to appear before the Parliament during those joint sessions, and Macon is using and abusing this mechanism.

For the opposition, this affair is a good opportunity to exact revenge on Macron and his government: they've smelled blood and they will drag it on as much as they can.

Most of the LREM MPs are political novices, many have never hold an elected office before and, lacking a political base, organization support and a strong recognition among their constituents, they are even more dependent on the Macron organization (surely a coincidence). At the moment, they are stunned and sort of paralyzed having never lived this kind of major crisis before. How long will it last? How many will distance themselves from the LREM lifeline? We'll see.

by Bernard on Tue Jul 24th, 2018 at 06:21:37 PM EST
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