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It is extraordinary that Benalla seems to have felt he could engage in some recreational student bashing masquerading as a police officer at a minor event unconnected to a much more serious riot nearby. It seems even the riot police may have objected to his behaviour and helped to "out" him.

Had the matter been dealt with swiftly, and properly, he would have been sacked, tried, and perhaps fined and given a suspended sentence. His close connection to the Presidency would have been a minor embarrassment probably soon forgotten.

As you say, it was the subsequent cover-up which elevated this into a major affair. Was it just an excess of loyalty by Macron and his staff, or is their a culture of cover-up and impunity at the highest levels? Is this part of a pattern of similar events?

Macron already seems vulnerable to charges of arrogance and dreams of omnipotence. This affair is not going to help his public image at all. If he dismisses this as just another example of a hostile press out to get him he may be in for a rude surprise at the next elections.

Sometimes it is the little things that betray what you are truly like, and the French people may not like what they see,

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