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For this reason --as well as British military calumny, fancifully recalled as "The Troubles"-- IE is hiring and training customs guards. Try to look surprised when this Taoiseach or the next "reveals" EU subsidy for IE to maintain the EU border.

If you were Barnier-Varadkar-May combined, which gov will be 'patroling' the invisible customs border?

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by Cat on Thu Jul 26th, 2018 at 01:20:39 AM EST
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Varadker has announced the recruitment of 1,000 customs officials - but they will be stationed at ports and airports, not the Boarder. 10,000 British troops couldn't secure that border.

AFAIK the EU allows the operating state something like a 10% retention of tariffs collected to cover administrative expenses. I'm not sure how this works if the checks are primarily for regulatory compliance rather than Tariff collection. I have to date been unable to confirm this impression.

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