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I think you misread my scenario where the Brexit deal is rejected by the House of Commons, not just Labour. Corbyn's attempts to negotiate "a better deal for Britain" are met with disinterest in the Commission and hostility from centre right and far right EU Governments.

As an alternative the Commission offers to consider any ideas Labour might have "to reform the EU" which might persuade it to support a remain vote in a second referendum in opposition to a no deal Brexit which no one wants.

In practice those discussions would be mostly a face saving device to give Labour to an opportunity to claim to have negotiated "a better deal for Britain" and allow voters to feel they are not being humiliated by having to reverse their prior decision.

However the Commission would be severely constrained in what it could offer by what far right governments in the EU would be prepared to accept. I suspect Macron/Merkel would re-package reforms they have been considering in any case to make them seem substantial concessions to the UK.

Sadly those concessions might also include some constraints on migration - particularly external (refugee) migration - but also internal migration. That would make for an interesting confrontation between (say) Hungary and the UK, with the UK wanting to cherry pick and restrict Hungarian nationals moving to the UK.

But here the emergence of a Labour government might actually be helpful as Corbyn is unlikely to be as obsessed with welfare spongers and more inclined to spend money on the NHS to limit the impact immigrants might be perceived to have on waiting lists etc.

Let us not forget that prior attempts to re-negotiate the UK's role in the EU and how the EU operates have been Tory led. The Commission might be more receptive to some of labours ideas if only we knew what they are!

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