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What Netanyahu Doesn't Know About History
Note: "anti-Semitism", not "anti-Judaism".

The difference is significant. Anti-Semitism was part of the Race Theory, which claimed to be an exact science and was at the time at the height of its world-wide popularity.

This was not just an ideological fad, an invention of demagogues. It was a branch of science that was assumed to be as objective as, say, mathematics or geography. The basic assumption was that every race of human being, like every breed of horses or dogs, has specific characteristics, good and bad. [...] According to the German race theory, there is a master race, the Aryan, which originated in India and from which the Germans are descended, and there are inferior races, the "Semites" and "Slavs" for example. According to the race theorists, this is not a matter of opinion. It is solid scientific fact, a fact that cannot be changed.

Mississippi Statutory Segregation: Apartheid
Ahed Tamimi and Her Mother are Freed from Jail
One might say that Ahed and her siblings are honor graduates of the Bassem/Nariman Folk School, just as Rosa Parks was a graduate of The Highlander Folk School [SIC]. The common curriculum has to do with courageous persistence in the pursuit of justice. Moreover, our delegation was to discover that Rosa Parks is a revered figure in the Israeli Knesset -- well, at least in the modest conference room allocated to Arab members.
*memorable quote of a correspondent among the CA Cohort of Petty Landlords

How should we define racism?
the candidate avoided German epistemology of the period

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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