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Tension mounts in Italy amid escalating racially motivated attacks | France24 |

Italy has seen an explosion in racist attacks in recent months, and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini stands accused of inciting a climate of hatred with speeches on migrants. However, many argue the roots of the problem go much deeper.

However, in the wake of the Osakue scandal, Interior Minister Salvini argues that there has been no increase in racist acts in Italy.

But on the weekend in a small town south of Rome a Moroccan man was killed. The Moroccan was chased by a car of Italians who suspected him of being a thief. The man ran for his life, injuring himself in the process, and was ultimately beaten to death.

In the capital of Sicily, Palermo, a Senegalese man was also beaten-up to the cries of "dirty n***o". And in February, a former candidate of the Northern League opened fire on a crowd Africans in Macerata in central Italy, injuring six people.

"Trivialisation of fascism"

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