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Too bad "A Victory for European Justice" slid from Top Diaries list.

Top Polish court halts disputed judge retirements, pending ECJ ruling
"The Supreme Court has doubts and is presenting its doubts to an outside independent organ that was set up according to EU treaties to resolve such doubts," Laskowski told reporters. The president's office immediately responded that the suspension had "no legal basis and has no effect on the president or any other organ".
Of course it did. I've seen that movie before.
The law allows the president, a PiS ally, to grant an extension to judges' terms, while the KRS, whose members include politicians, can give an opinion on who is allowed to hold a judicial position.
Next Quarter: Supranational Power in search of legislated sanctions against disobedience or voluntary obedience? You be the judge.

archived separation of powers
wait for it
Marbury vs. Madison

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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