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Worthwhile read ... takes a lot of thought  to appreciate depth of article especially with a biased position of the White House under Trump rule. Two bullies enforcing one another and the Arab states of the Gulf have positioned themselves with Israel to counter the influence of the Shia Republic of Iran.  The expeditionary military campaign in Iraq, Libya and Syria was a failure for the Sunni global jihadists funded and armed by above mentioned outside powers. Destroy - conquer - divide - chaos - control (DCDCC).

The Favela of Gaza | Ynet News Op-Ed|

The current Israeli government has an obvious interest in the survival of the Hamas government in Gaza. The reasons are clear to anyone who sees beyond the rhetorical smoke screen.

Instead of one powerful Palestinian entity, there are currently two weak ones, and they are very hostile towards each other. Israel is not interested in a long term arrangement, both for ideological reasons (the arrangement will endanger the idea of "Greater Israel") and for political reasons (the arrangement will create a coalition crisis).

The current Israeli government is being sustained by the status quo. The fact that the Gaza Strip is controlled by an extremist Islamic organization that advocates terrorism and the destruction of Israel is an important bargaining chip.

Had the Gaza Strip been controlled by a more moderate organization, it would have been far more difficult to explain both Israel's political intransigence and the blockade imposed on the strip.

With Hamas in Gaza and Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, everything is simpler. Hamas is too strong, Mahmoud Abbas is too weak, that way there is no partner for negotiations, and until one emerges, we can continue to build settlements and destroy Israeli democracy, in order to ensure that a suitable partner will never emerge.

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The broad action against `leftist' Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is part of the Israel playbook and is coordinated from inside the Israeli Embassy in London. Get real, the motivation is NOT anti-semitism but Corbyn's clear position on the right of Palestinians to have their own sovereign, independent state.

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