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Today -100: August 18, 1918: Boy, that Entente, quite an imagination, huh?
More ill immigrants arrive at Ellis Island, NY. This lot was from the Netherlands. The weakest aboard were East Asians and naturally susceptible to developing pneumonia. Colonel J. M. Kennedy, Medical Corps, U.S.A., Chief Surgeon at the New York port of embarkation guide inquiries into the possibility of an epidemic from true flu to foreign agents This conceptualization of viral infection will persist in research into illegally border-crossing bird and swine antigens from continental Asia and Africa.
"It has my hearty approval. Furthermore, I agree with Dr. Cofer, Health Officer of the Port, that it would be utterly impractible to establish a quarantine at this port against this disease. We can't stop this war on account of Spanish or any other kind of influenza. To quarantine against it would mean to isolate the patients somewhere and fumigate every ship. That would clog the harbor and produce interminable delays in sending the troops and supplies overseas, and that cannot be permitted. 'Over there' they don't quarantine a regiment in which influenza has broken out and withdraw from the fighting line. They take care of the sick and the rest go right on fighting. But our men could not go on fighting long if quarantines were established at American ports against this not very serious disease. Dr. Cofer is quite right in the position he has taken.

"Influeza, and the kind that is coming here is just like ours or that of any other country, is not at all dangerous, except when pneumonia develops. Pneumonia develops in a comparatively few cases, except where the patient has become debilitated through lack of proper food. The less this whole subject is agitate the better it will be for New York and the whole country and for our army overseas."

I wonder idly where the Cuomo family was hiding out.

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