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I am kind of curious why I've been seeing this particular narrative pop up here and there - OMG DID YOU KNOW THAT AMERICAN BOMBS ARE BEING USED IN YEMEN??!?!!?!?!?!?

Not enough to actually do research, because I am a lazy pseudo-intellectual poser, but curious nonetheless.

US made bombs have been sold around the world for years and years, and have been used to blow people up for years and years. Why is this all of a sudden surprising, or uniquely tragic? Is there some idiot out there that somehow suspects that only Russian bombs were used against civilians, or that American munitiions could somehow tell the difference between civilians and tanks?

It also strikes me a bit of the line I have heard a number of times, of how every bomb every dropped by a US plane or ally somehow managed to hit a baby formula factory.

And finally, how is this particularly searing or outrageous? If one is such a caring, sheltered, and sensitive soul as to be truly seared by the knowledge that American weapons are being used by the allies of America in the manner in which they have been used since WW2 (the US did not invent civilian bombing campaigns, but we damn we did our best to perfect it!), then I think you have bigger issues than the conflict in Yemen.

by Zwackus on Mon Aug 20th, 2018 at 04:30:54 AM EST
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