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Well, starting from the top: It is indeed incredibly rare that you see an US program linking US made bombs to any given atrocity. So why this particular atrocity has made it through the fog is indeed a puzzle. Especially since we have heard barely a whisper out of Yemen in the last three years.

It also strikes me a bit of the line I have heard a number of times, of how every bomb every dropped by a US plane or ally somehow managed to hit a baby formula factory.

Bombs dropped out of US planes are basically a weather condition in half of Africa and most of the Middle East. Of course you only hear about those that hit weddings and baby powder factories. And even those rarely score half the column inches that a dude pulling a knife at the Tower bridge does. I don't quite get this line?

Now how this is particularly outrageous? Well, I'd argue that Yemen is one of the most outrageous things going on today. The UN estimated something like half a million cholera cases, most of them untreated since the hospitals have been bombed and little of anything enters the country. There is also a good chance that a few million people will starve if the blockade isn't lifted. So we are looking at genuinely genocidal numbers. I have no idea how good the numbers out of Syria are, since apparently there is only that one guy in Birmingham who tries to come up with numbers, on a foreign office salary, but 500k in total is the common number. Now in Yemen, no one has even tried to count since early 2016, but the UN writes about 7 million being on the verge of starvation.
And by my count the West provides the bombs, the targeting, the aerial refuelling and the US navy does most of the blockading.

by generic on Mon Aug 20th, 2018 at 08:33:58 AM EST
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