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Curiosity or lack of curiosity?
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The leading nation of the past half century has managed to become a pariah state due to lack of anyone or institution to hold the USA accountable. It's not just the delivery of munitions and fighter planes, most of the time the US themselves were perpetrators of war crimes as we have witnessed too often in Afghanistan and Iraq.

President Obama promised to pull US forces  out of the war theater of Iraq ... he fulfilled his campaign promise. However the US changed policy by providing increased flow of arms to the "coalition" states and gave his blessing to fight the proxy wars for the empire [?] in Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Six nations in Europe established the EEC, an economic union to promote understanding and create a bond between nations we had been at war for over a century. The path of peace through economic cooperation between nations.

After the fall of the Berlin wall and downfall of Soviet communism, the promise of a peaceful world lasted for barely a decade. The attack on America by Saudi extremists of Al Qaeda in September 2001 changed the policy and role of the US and its NATO partners.

A monster was created by the Bush administration: War on Terror.

Bombing of populated areas create more resistance and seldom leads to "victory" over a people. War creates motivation for revenge and with Islam an easy road to radicalization. Fighters from Western Europe doing jihad by traveling to all the frontline states from Chechnya to Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Tunisia. Spreading terror by a criminal enterprise of waging wars of choice for "regime change".


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Posted earlier on June 5th ...

The Yemenis are unkown to the Western world and the media has no interest whatsoever. Needless to say, the British are fully aware ...

BAE refuses to confirm workers loading bombs on Saudi piloted jets - Made in UK

Martin Niemöller - Lutheran pastor and social activist

The origins of this poem first have been traced to a speech given by Niemöller on January 6, 1946, to the representatives of the Confessing Church in Frankfurt. According to research by Harold Marcuse, the original groups mentioned in the speech were Communists, the incurably sick, Jews, and people in occupied countries.

[Source: Wikipedia]

"No Spoke in the Wheel": The German Evangelical Church and the Nazi State

Unfortunately, the Zionist ideals of a socialist state has long been dealt a blow by might and power leading to a terror state of today: from Shoah victim to a occupying power with all its transgressions.

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