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"Frontier fluidity"
Unite sets sights on `poor employment practices' 3 Aug
"We are already experiencing increase in agency workers and the use of fixed term contracts across the economy within Gibraltar, be it in the public or private sector." Unite also called for a revamp of agency worker regulations in Gibraltar, which currently state that agency workers, after 12 months in the job, must receive parity with permanent staff on key issues such as pay.
Govt has contingency plans in place for Brexit, No.6 says
"The new Socialist Prime Minister of Spain is on record as having said that fluidity at the border is fundamental."
Border protest over Spanish police pay turns nasty 16 Aug
The protest, which had been authorised by the Spanish Government's representative in the Campo de Gibraltar, was organised by Jusapol, a group set up less about a year ago to campaign for salary parity for police and Guardia Civil officers. ... "It had no place being organised in the vicinity of the frontier."
Spanish Government apologises after border incidents, says Jusapol breached restrictions
Schengen fail-safe: "I think it demonstrates a new sensitivity in the understanding of the importance of frontier fluidity as a matter of principle."

Lisbon, Article 8

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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