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Yeah! It's in North America! NY Yella Cake official announcement of plague, three months before armistice, 11 November 1918.
Today -100: August 14, 1918: Of triumvirates, flu, and Czechoslovakias

A Norwegian [!] ship arrives after a voyage in which pretty much everyone got sick, 4 died, 1 died after docking, and 9 are still quite sick. Doctors claim it isn't Spanish flu, it's pneumonia, and didn't quarantine the sick. Did they not know that severe influenza leads to pneumonia? I guess not.
Whether the disease was the true Spanish influenza was not officially determined yesterday, but Dr. Edward G. Cornwell of 1,218 Jackson Avenue, Brooklyn, who treated the patients form the ship, said yesterday that the immediate cause of Mrs. Olsen's death was bronchial pneumonia. ... At the hospital it was learned that the patients had not been isolated, and, it was asserted, they would not have passed Quarantine had they been suffering from true Spanish influenza. ...
200 Passengers Ill at One Time. ...

The article explains that "flue" is the British abbreviation of influenza.

It only afflicts German troops on the western front
Next Week: amputations, leeches, CHD, tuberculosis, cancers, pneumonias, influenzas, diabetes I-II, herpes I-IV, MS, MD, DS, ASD, COPD, irritable BS, restless LS, "trauma"

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