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REUTERS | Mali president claims election victory amid fraud accusations
The ballot pitted Keita, who is seeking a second term to rule the West African gold- and cotton-producing country, against opposition leader Soumaila Cisse, who said on Monday that the vote was fraudulent and that he was victor. ...European Union observers said on Tuesday they saw irregularities but not fraud.
France24 | Mali run-off pits Keïta's record against Cissé's pledge for change
In terms of security, the president's record is similarly mixed. Five years after France intervened to pry control of northern Mali from jihadists, the international community has grown impatient waiting for effective implementation of the 2015 peace accord between Bamako and rebel groups; since the accord was signed, Islamist violence, until then circumscribed to the north of the country, has spread through Mali to its borders with Burkina Faso and Niger.

2 days ago: Malians vote in presidential runoff amid attacks, threats
"'They asked everyone to put their hands up. The polling station president tried to escape. The jihadists shot and killed him,' the source said."
4 days ago:Cisse said on Monday he would reject the results of a presidential runoff, calling on the population "to rise up"

"We had a little over 3.7 percent of stations which had not functioned properly" during the first round on July 29, Salif Traore, Mali's security minister, said on Monday. The figure fell to 2.1 percent of the 23,000 polling booths in Sunday's runoff vote, which Traore said was due to the deployment of more military. In a reminder of the jihadist threat that was a major campaign issue, the overseer of a polling station in Arkodia, in the northern region of Timbuktu, was shot dead on Sunday by armed Islamist militants, local officials said.
6 days ago: Mali's constitutional court confirms presidential run-off vote for Sunday
"The court says President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita received 41.7 percent of the vote, while Soumaila Cisse received 17.7 percent. The two also faced off in 2013."

EU asks Mali for details of key presidential vote, 1 Aug

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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Loser in Mali election files appeal to overturn results
Cisse lost in a ["]landslide["] to incumbent President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, picking up just 33 percent of the vote in an election in which only 34 percent of a politics-weary [?] electorate voted.
Blow for Cisse as opposition leaders decline runoff support, 9 Aug
"Neither IBK (Keita) nor Soumi (Cisse) corresponds with our political ideal. I will not support one or the other. Each person who voted for me is free to vote for whom they wish," Diarra, who won seven percent in the first round, told supporters in the capital, Bamako.

Diallo told his followers that it was "to Malians that I leave the responsibility of expressing themselves as they wish in the second round."

Opposition groups call for demonstration in Bamako on August 18 to protest

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Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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