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Flightright taking Ryanair to court over compensation for passengers affected by the airline's strikes
EU rules [!!] state that passengers can claim monetary compensation of up to 400 euros for flights within the region for cancelled or delayed flights, unless the reason is extraordinary circumstances, such as bad weather.
wut [1], [2], [3]
Strikes have generally fallen under extraordinary circumstances [?] although a ruling by the European Court of Justice in April said that a wildcat strike by staff at German airline TUIfly following a restructuring could not be classed as extraordinary circumstances.
A 'wildcat strike' by flight staff following the surprise announcement of a restructuring does not constitute an 'extraordinary circumstance' releasing the air line from its obligation to pay compensation in the event of cancellation or long delay of flight ... The Court further observes that the fact that the social movement in question should be classified, under the applicable German social legislation, as a 'wildcat strike' because it was not formally initiated by a trade union is irrelevant
Flightright takes Ryanair to court over compensation for passengers affected by recent pilot strikes
Flightright, like other passenger rights groups, helps passengers to claim compensation from airlines under EU261 rules in exchange for a 25 to 30% share of the compensation received.
perverting "class action" advocacy and "market power"
Ryanair, therefore, urges passengers to file claims with them directly. "Ryanair deals with each claim on a case-by-case basis [!] and requires our customers to submit flight disruption claims directly to Ryanair. We do this solely to ensure that all Ryanair customers will receive 100pc [!]of their EU261 compensation."

But what if Ryanair says beforehand that it will not pay compensation?

In Belgium, the consumer union [!!] Test Achats/Aankoop has introduced a claim against Ryanair on behalf of 50 passengers among its members affected by the cabin crew and pilot strikes, with more dossiers to follow.

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