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Hawaii volcano eruption slows to virtual halt after more than three months
Neal said it remains to be seen whether the reduced flow at Fissure 8 will turn out to be a brief pause or an extended lull, or whether other vents will reactivate. A similar 88-day eruption in the lower east rift zone in 1955 was punctuated by one pause of five days and one lasting 16 days, Neal said.
Kīlauea summit and lower East Rift Zone
The lull in activity at Kīlauea Volcano continues. No summit collapse events have occurred since August 2, and, with the exception of a small, crusted-over pond of lava deep inside the fissure 8 cone and a few scattered ocean entries, lava stopped flowing in the lower East Rift Zone (LERZ) on August 6. Sulfur dioxide emission rates at both the summit and LERZ are drastically reduced; the combined rate is lower than at any time since late 2007.
"Disaster loans" and grants for Kilauea Damage Extended Through Sept. 12

Mostly catholic charity relief updates from Guatemala

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