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m'k. Inside baseball in the trade puts seems to confirm existing terms and conditions of employment --none nice-- and setting inauguration for collective bargaining in the company union. It is not ceremonial. De plane Boss' fantasy is to spread IE right-to-work efficiency across the EU.

German Cabin Crew Union Starts Talks with Ryanair Today, Wed, 15 Aug

[W]e weren't expecting either side to show their hand or give the world a running commentary.

And that's why a new statement from Ver.di is so interesting.  The union is making three key demands:

  • A "substantial" increase in pay
  • Recognising German* employment law
  • Equal conditions for directly [!] employed and agency [ie. "temp", "zero-contract"!] cabin crew

"The income must finally become viable and predictable. Due to seasonal fluctuations and a lack of flight hours guarantee some full-time employees receive only around € 1,000 gross per month. That is completely unacceptable," explains the union's Christine Behle.
At present, Ryanair forces all its cabin crew to sign Irish employment contracts - a policy that they say is perfectly legal, reasonable and not one they have any plans to change.
Low bar, colossal dick
Seven cabin crew unions write to Ryanair shareholders demanding an end to unrest, 17 Aug
A spokesperson for Ryanair said: "We don't comment on false claims made by smaller unions, many of whom are not recognised by Ryanair. Letters to shareholders (such as this) are a failed attempt to generate fake news and will be ignored by both Ryanair and our shareholders."
This is the language of psychopathy.

* and Belgian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Polish

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sat Aug 18th, 2018 at 01:51:06 AM EST
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