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What's so wrong with a majority of MP's from various parties who believe Brexit will be  a disaster voting down a government they believe is pursuing a very poor  deal or no deal Brexit?

In general, nothing. In the context of a referendum saying that the government should do the stupid thing, and a widespread (and correct) view that the political establishment doesn't care for the views of the peasantry, its an invitation for political chaos and constitutional crisis. At best, you get an even greater loss of faith in the UK's already shaky democracy. At worst, you get MPs dangling from lampposts (and they've already had one MP murdered over this).

OTOH, given the expected consequences of Brexit (food shortages, civil disorder, and consequent political instability), they really have no good choices here.

by IdiotSavant on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 at 02:57:09 AM EST
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