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The Tory Anguish was muted today, but palpable beneath bi-lateral "talks" (Macron, Juncker) going into weekend. It is interesting to read how the island papers glossed Tory weakness. (SWOT viz. IE; I took a tour of IE's nationalized 'Big 4' current exposure plus NAMA to update myself. Surprised to find, NAMA may well lead the future.)

Belfast Telegraph, for example, took in the news to um probe further devolving wedge between unionists.
May meets Macron in bid to win support for Brexit plans
DUP row deepens as Robinson says `the battle for the union is on'. I expect to read more about these fluid, "Tory fact-finding, analgesic tours into the real in the months ahead.

The Times, for example, took in the news but added some detail to Sammy's earnest and principled stand (from inside East Antrim).
May meets Macron to seek support for Brexit blueprint

"It is not enough to say that a referendum is coming, so prepare the terms in case we lose," he said. "Churchill knew that the Nazis were coming after Britain when they defeated France in 1940 but he didn't prepare terms for the event of a successful invasion, he rallied the people by telling them to prepare to fight on the beaches and in laneways and in the street and to never surrender.

The Independent passed on all of it.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sat Aug 4th, 2018 at 01:35:59 AM EST

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