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Zimbabwe opposition leader charged after asylum bid fails
The court appearance followed dramatic events in which Mr [Tendai] Biti fled to Zambia, was denied asylum and was handed over to Zimbabwean security forces in defiance of a Zambian court order. Western diplomats, including the US and the UN refugee agency, quickly expressed concern.
The letter [to Zimbabwean police by Biti's lawyer] says Mr Biti should be immediately returned to Zambian immigration authorities, and "due to the traditional torture that abductees are generally subjected to in Zimbabwe" it called for a medical team to check him before then.

Zambian border guards handed Mr Biti over despite a court order saying he should not be deported until his appeal for asylum was heard, Zambian lawyer Gilbert Phiri said. Zambia's foreign minister said Mr Biti's reasons for seeking asylum "did not have merit".
The US State Department said the US had "convoked" the ambassadors of Zimbabwe and Zambia "to register our gravest concerns" and would review its cooperation with Zambia's government.

Not that Mugabe, the other one

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