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Curb your enthusiasm: not much will happen in the near future, other than Orban using the EP vote to rile up the base even further at home.

After Parliament slaps Hungary, what next?

If the Council does determine a "serious breach," the Parliament, the Council or the Commission could take initiate a further step -- deciding whether there is a "serious and persistent" breach of EU values. Reaching that conclusion could lead to the suspension of Hungary's right to vote on Council decisions. But there seems little appetite among EU governments to go that far.


The leaders of all EU governments (except Hungary) would need to vote in favor of a "serious and persistent breach" in order for the process to reach the next stage. That's a very high bar. Hungary has already said it would block any such step against Poland and it seems very likely that Warsaw would return the favor. Other EU governments that have come under fire for their democratic and human rights standards would also be very wary of setting a precedent that could be dangerous for them.

And that has to complete before any eventual vote by the Council to suspend the country's voting rights.

by Bernard on Thu Sep 13th, 2018 at 08:38:55 PM EST

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