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Zimbabwe Declares Cholera Outbreak After 20 Deaths
Water and sanitation infrastructure is collapsing. ... "The numbers are growing by the day and to date there are about over 2,000 cases, that's quite a big number," the minister said, attributing the outbreak to shortages of safe drinking water and poor sanitation. "This whole problem has arisen as a result of blocked sewers. The other problem is that garbage hasn't been collected on a regular basis. There is water problems, no water availability."
7 cross-border aquifiers, innumerable commercial contractors, no deliveries

Meanwhile in Libya, $25B still burning.
NATO bombs the Great Man-Made River
Two workers killed in second attack on Libyan water plant

"An armed attack was carried out by terrorist groups on the Tazirbu site causing havoc, looting, killing and terrorizing families, children and the workers who ensure the supply of water to cities," said a statement from the Great Man-made River Project, a pipe network supplying ground water from the Libyan Sahara.
Hasawna System: Water to return gradually to entire western region
Sahara and Sahel Observatory

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