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And got the book. Skimming through the section headings, I see nothing about the 2013 coup in Egypt. At that time we still have the Qatar friendly Obama-Clinton clan in power, yet Morsi was clearly the Qataris' guy.
Wonder how that fits and if it is brought up. On the other hand, that the Saudi's credit line was running out with Biden(D - finance) in office, compared to Cheney(R-Exxon) and the Bush clan makes sense.
One really interesting point that was raised is that there is a fundamental disagreement between the Emirates and Saudi. According to Blumi, the Emirates are hostile to political Islam. They don't really have a populace, and they don't want the foreign workers riled up. In that light, it does make a certain kind of sense that Erik Prince, self professed Christian crusader, would be  based there. And also the reports about clashes between UAE and Saudi backed factions in southern Yemen.
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