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KOREA TIMES | Abortion crackdown leaves women on edge
On Aug. 17, some 2,500 OB-GYN doctors in the country announced they would boycott all abortions, signaling a new low point in the growing discontent at the nation's 65-year-old abortion ban.

Abortion is banned in Korea by criminal law. Unlike neighboring Japan, where the abortion ban can be overruled for socioeconomic reasons, abortions are only allowed here in cases of rape, high chances of birth defects, or significant health risks for the woman.
"I'm not sure if they made this abortion boycott decision with women's health in mind," Kim [Dong-suk, head of the Korean College of OB-GYNK] said. "Designating abortions as immoral acts or declaring an abortion boycott will not stop abortions; it will just increase the number of dangerous operations that threaten women's health."
And in May this year, the Constitutional Court held a high-profile debate on the constitutionality of the abortion ban before making its decision on the issue. However, the ruling was delayed indefinitely, the Constitutional Court confirmed with The Korea Times, Thursday. And the promised government research has not been started for the past two months.
"Women who are economically better off will probably be able to go to China or Japan to get an abortion but those without money or a social network will suffer more," said Koh Kyung-sim, a retired obstetrician and a member the Physicians' Association for Humanism who testified in favor of overturning the abortion ban at the Constitutional Court in May. "If OB-GYN doctors refuse to perform the operation, many women will miss the ideal time period for a safe operation."

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