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Mary T. Harris Jones, 1912-1913
"I had this not well formed impression of her being this mythical person. I wasn't sure how much I believed my dad. I thought he might have been exaggerating about her antics. I learned about her life, especially her earlier life, and some of the tragedy she lived through - it shaped who she became."

"She was born in 1838 in Cork, Ireland. She was a child during the famine. Her father moved the family to North America during the 1840s. He first came with his son and then the rest of the family came later. She was a young lady in Canada. And then Chicago. And she became a school teacher. She moved to Memphis where she married a union laborer named George Jones. They had four kids."

"Then in 1867, her husband and all four kids died of yellow fever [!] within one week. ...
Do the politics of this era resonate with you now?

"For one thing, it seems we haven't learned the lessons. Things haven't changed that much. The way the wealthy class treats the working class. It has sort of reverted back. There is this attitude that people of lower income classes can be taken advantage of and it's okay. Somehow, they don't have the rights of the upper classes."

"For many people, it's not an overt [!] conscious way of thinking or of believing, but it's sort of ingrained in our politics, in our culture and in our economy."

Mother Jones, a journal on everything but exploitation of labor

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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