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An op ed by Bobby McDonagh - former Irish ambassador to the UK, Italy and the EU

Why Theresa May's plan to bypass Barnier was doomed. The idea made no sense but fed into the British tabloid narrative about Brussels.

There are probably many reasons for the contrived fiction about bypassing Barnier. For a start it is difficult for anyone to accept that their arguments are simply not gaining traction. It also feeds comfortably into the British tabloid narrative about Brussels bureaucracy. The fiction seeks to shift the focus from the British red lines, which define the limits of a solution but are apparently sacrosanct, towards the EU's stance in defence of its basic principles, which it suits some to portray as inflexible.

Moreover, the nonsense about Brussels bureaucrats helps the British government to argue domestically that a solution would be at hand if only the right people would engage. It helps to keep alive the illusion that the German and French business cavalry are about to appear on the horizon, riding to the UK's rescue, although it is clear that the cavalry are sitting comfortably back at base camp.

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