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So the Parliamentary Tory Party no longer represents the concerns of a traditional Tory constituency of bosses engaged in trade, manufacturing, services, the "real economy", who are shuddering at the thought of the disruption a crash Brexit would cause. So May is intent on producing a crash-Brexit endgame. She will go before Parliament with whatever she (and the EU, if...) have cobbled together, in hopes she will be defeated and forced to resign and be replaced by Rees-Johnson or Boris Mogg.

OK, she's as mad as the rest of them. But as a way to stake your political career, it beats me.

I used to be afew. I'm still not many.

by john_evans (john(dot)evans(dot)et(at)gmail(dot)com) on Mon Sep 24th, 2018 at 07:31:32 AM EST
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