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Speaking of secret societies, I was "tapped" by two. Oddly, enough so was one of my senior year roommates. We overlapped in one. It was not "DEKE", of course.

DKE is a fraternity. It is by no means a secret fraternity. Every year its leadership collected pledges from male athletes among the freshman class --some scholarship, some legacy-- whose housing was integrated with the general population. DEKE leadership lived off campus in corporate-owned property which could not be mistaken for a secret society "tomb". Hillhouse Ave, iirc. No one in their right mind deliberately attended a party all the way over there.

I admit, I've no idea with what um customs Kavanaugh struggled to conform as a member. So it was with some dismay to learn from reporting, for example, that passer-by could recite a"degrading" ditty from 1983 that he was heard to sing for his initiation on Cross Campus green.

DEKE was the only fraternity that survived Kingman Brewster's ban hammer in the '70s, when persons of the female persuasion were first admitted. And there were no sororities during my tenure ... unless some enterprising reporter of today invents one. There are hundreds of clubs to plumb. Personally, I'd go after those acappella groups --immensely annoying, patent travesties of wholesome fun. Not unlike boys choirs.

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I've read with interest and surprise various investigations (as above) into the depravity of Yale College living. I'll send a warning to Asian Parents Against Discriminatory Admissions.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Sep 28th, 2018 at 05:45:04 PM EST

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