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Kavanaugh has revealed the insidious force in global politics: toxic masculinity | The Guardian Opinion |

But it was the nominee himself who delivered a masterclass in male privilege, flushed and raging at the impudence of those who dared stand between him and the seat he believed was his right. He gave explanations that were so implausible they simply had to be false, he implied without evidence that one female Democratic senator had a drink problem, he lashed out at a supposed leftwing conspiracy, alleging this was all "the revenge of the Clintons" coming across as a partisan political hack with an honesty problem rather than a would-be member of the nation's highest court.

In a hearing that was a test of credibility, it's useful to imagine how this would have played out if the roles had been reversed. If Ford had behaved like Kavanaugh, she would be instantly dismissed as a hysterical, vengeful woman who could not be believed. Yet Republicans on the senate judiciary committee agreed unanimously to promote him until one demanded an FBI investigation. Given what we now know about him and his temperament, it's a wonder he's allowed to serve on any court at all.

This episode will leave a lasting cloud over the supreme court and its standing in US national life. For their system to work, Americans need to see the judiciary as wise, just and above the fray. If Kavanaugh is approved on Tuesday, they will know their supreme court includes two men credibly accused of sexual misconduct, one of whom has a temper he can't control.  

by Oui on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 at 10:52:23 PM EST
The US was almost not sexist in 2016. Hillary Clinton could have a charm tour through the Midwest instead of raising self-awareness of "deplorables", and history would have been made.

Progressives are habitually blind to backlash to their stances. Regardless of merits of particular cases, this earnest #MeToo is posing a dilemma to men: should it be normal that unsubstantiated proclamations (be it of women) should reflexively derail quality of some human lives? However "toxic" it may look, this dilemma may force people to take very narrow smug positions regardless of other compromises.

by das monde on Mon Oct 1st, 2018 at 09:29:59 AM EST
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This episode will leave a lasting cloud over the supreme court and its standing in US national life.

I thought the SC choosing the President back in 2000 already left a lasting cloud over the court. But for most Americans, these clouds don't seem to last long. I suspect the same will be the case for Kavanaugh, much as we would like these clouds to last.

by gk (gk (gk quattro due due sette @gmail.com)) on Mon Oct 1st, 2018 at 09:38:12 AM EST
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