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I leave this link to fog of war, rumor, and just plain bullshit here for my future reference. I was startled to come across material purporting to represent demographic survey or census of enemy combatants in Idlib. (I'd been retrieving random reports of "bussing" surrendered rebels back to 2014, idly searching for reference to al-Assad's diabolical plan to "arm and fund" jihadists --an accusation so popular in the USA that it's the basis of at least on wrongful death suit by an American family)

Not only are the estimates dated (2015), the provenance of the data is mind-boggling. Syrian military escort, monitored by whomever, has been "evacuating" combatants and their families to the province --as they "liberate" each city. I'm having difficulty imagining how US (no "boots on the ground") intelligence or its informants administered the census.

I have still greater difficulty grasping the pertinence of demography to the latest R2P2 pretext for US militancy in Syria --more chemical warfare detection. I suspect, the author does not fully comprehend the value of "collateral damage" to non-essential personnel anywhere in Syria to the US War Effort against SYRIA. It is zero.

Also, I think, the author does not fully comprehend the value of a cease fire agreement with stateless POWs stored in Idlib to the Syiran War Effort against armed rebellion. It is zero.

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by Cat on Sun Sep 9th, 2018 at 03:17:00 AM EST

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