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Right now the seat count is 144 left bloc, 143 right bloc and 62 far right. But still to be counted are the so called Wednesday votes, votes done before the election, but not in time to be delivered to the polling station and counted at election night. These votes are counted, but not until Wednesday. So final results will probably be done Thursday.

And then to the thorny issue of forming a government. The smaller bloc may accept a government formed by the other, but it isn't certain. The far right may accept a right bloc government, but it isn't certain. The liberals and centre may accept the support of the far right, but it's a bit unlikely. And finally a cross bloc government could be formed, but that is rather unlikely. Or a new election may be called, which we haven't had for decades so no one knows how the voters would react.

by fjallstrom on Mon Sep 10th, 2018 at 04:51:22 AM EST

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