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Segregation, and slightly higher crime rates among immigrants didn't appear until after 1990, when Sweden abolished full employment policies.

The unemployment rate among Sweden's "native-born" population was 4.8% as of September 2017, but 15.4% among the "foreign-born" population.  (Labor participation rate for native-borns: 83.7%; for foreign-borns: 78.4%.)

What accounts for this disparity in unemployment rate between "native-born" and "foreign-born" population? Government policy? Retail racism (implicit as well as overt)? Self-segregration by immigrant communities?

A quote by an "American-educated Somali immigrant who works as a policy analyst at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce,...  grew up and now lives in the suburb of Rinkeby-Tensta, where some 90 percent of residents have a foreign background, roughly 80 percent live on welfare or earn low incomes and 42 percent are under age 25":

"When I came here in 1998, to me this place was paradise. Today, I wouldn't want my children to grow up here."

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