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Parliament recognises Guaidó in Venezuela and calls on 28 to follow
The resolution was largely backed by the main political groups in the Parliament, the European People's Party, the Socialists and Democrats, ALDE (liberals) and the European Conservatives and Reformists, with 439 votes in favour, 104 against and 88 abstentions.
Most of the foreign interventions in Latin American countries in the past were carried out by the US. President Donald Trump was the first international leader to recognise  Juan Guaidó.
European Parliament votes to recognize Guaidó as Venezuela's interim president
Venezuelan election officials said Maduro won the country's May 2018 election, but the election was widely considered illegitimate and its results were not recognized by the European Union.
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Britain, France, Germany and Spain have said they will recognize Guaidó's claim to the presidency if Maduro does not call new elections by Feb. 3.
The purpose of the international contact group is clear -- it is enabling Venezuelans to express themselves freely and democratically through the holding of new elections," said Mogherini.
New Oil Sanctions on Venezuela: "Would Destroy What's Left of its Economy"

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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established to impair economic and investment activities in Venezuela
US TREASURY | OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) 2015-present
required licenses, executive orders, statutes, CFR regulations and notices
-- Baker McKenzie | Prohibited Transacions, 2017, summary compliance for US "persons"
CRS (Congressional Research Serice) | Venezuela: Overview of US Sanctions
executive orders and statutes from 2006
Shearman & Sterling, 2017
SDGT designations of Venezuelan nationals

TELESUR | Tracking US Intervention in Venezuela Since 2002
historiography correlated to public US sanctions against Venezuela trade and USAID direct investment in Venezuelan electoral activities
How's that EU-IRAN SPV coming along?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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this.empowerment(Nathalie Loiseau)
"The ultimatum ends tonight. If between now and this evening Mr Maduro does not commit to organising presidential elections, we will consider that Mr Guaido is legitimate to organise them in his place. And we will consider him as interim president until the elections."
Loiseau added that Maduro's suggestion of bringing forward parliamentary elections was "a farce, a tragic farce".

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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Macron 'MULLS referendum' to quell French Yellow Vest CRISIS
"the chances of a May 26 referendum happening are very high".

The referendum is likely to contain several questions, inquiring on a number of economic, social and socio-economic issues, and would be the first of its kind in the French Fifth Republic's history. JDD speculated that such questions might include whether France needs to reduce its number of lawmakers, and whether their mandates should be shortened.

archived farce
The wording of the Greek debt referendum has been released ..., June 2015 - Aug 2018
40 Questions
A 2nd referendum to resolve Brexit?, Aug 2016

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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Debate in France over holding referendum on same day as European election
French President Emmanuel Macron would consider holding this consultation on 26 May - the same day as the European elections - on various issues covered as part of the "great debate," according to Le Journal du Dimanche weekly newspaper.

French voters would therefore be asked to express their opinion on reducing the number of French MPs, recognising blank votes and setting a time limit on holding multiple offices.

Mixing subjects?

UN leader avoids choosing side on Venezuela
"European Parliament President Antonio Tajani is pressing Italy's populist government to side with other EU countries on Venezuela."

archived representations
Italy referendum is seen as test of populism's rise , 2016
"Yes, this electoral law would give semi-dictatorial powers to whoever wins the election."
Libyan opposition fights for recognition both at home and abroad, 2011
"Two countries, France and Qatar, now recognize the Libyan National Council as the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people. But who comprises this body and what future do they envision for Libya?"

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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