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Debate in France over holding referendum on same day as European election
French President Emmanuel Macron would consider holding this consultation on 26 May - the same day as the European elections - on various issues covered as part of the "great debate," according to Le Journal du Dimanche weekly newspaper.

French voters would therefore be asked to express their opinion on reducing the number of French MPs, recognising blank votes and setting a time limit on holding multiple offices.

Mixing subjects?

UN leader avoids choosing side on Venezuela
"European Parliament President Antonio Tajani is pressing Italy's populist government to side with other EU countries on Venezuela."

archived representations
Italy referendum is seen as test of populism's rise , 2016
"Yes, this electoral law would give semi-dictatorial powers to whoever wins the election."
Libyan opposition fights for recognition both at home and abroad, 2011
"Two countries, France and Qatar, now recognize the Libyan National Council as the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people. But who comprises this body and what future do they envision for Libya?"

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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