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one cylinder, two stories
The British Museum (custodian NGO, allegedly) description with "new translation by Irving Finkel, Curator of Cuneiform Collections at the British Museum"
The text is incomplete. [...] the document is written as if Cyrus himself is speaking: 'I, Cyrus, king of the world ...'. [...] The text ends with a note of additional food offerings in the temples of Babylon and an account of the rebuilding of Imgur-Enlil, the city wall of Babylon, during the course of which an earlier building inscription of Ashurbanipal, King of Assyria (668-627 BC), was found.
Iran Chamber Society (NGO, allegedly) description with translation "adapted from Robert W. Rogers, Cuneiform Parallels to the Old Testament, 1912: 380-84" and K.C. Hanson's Collection of Mesopotamian Documents)
he Cyrus the Great Cylinder is the first charter of right of nations in the world. It is a baked-clay cyliner in Akkadian language with cuneiform script. This cylinder was excavated in 1879 by the Assyro-British archaeologist Hormuzd Rassam in the foundations of the Esagila (the Marduk temple of Babylon) and is kept today in the British Museum in London. [...] In 1971, the Cyrus Cylinder was described as the world's first charter of human rights,[1, 2, 3, 4] and it was translated into all six official U.N. languages.[4] A replica of the cylinder is kept at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in the second floor hallway, between the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council chambers.[5]
Translations don't write themselves, yo.

archived Persians
Geheimdienste Amyntor - Victor In Chains

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