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Remind the Germans: "We Won!"

    "Wars are not won by evacuations," Churchill said.
     That may be true, but it is hard not to see
     Dunkirk as a pivotal moment in the war.

So the Tory MPs are back into name-calling as they are lacking in arguments for a clear debate! What a complete mess the Tory party is in.

Pro-Brexit MP criticized for 'anti-German' remarks about Airbus chief | DW |

After saying that Enders was "a German paratrooper in his youth," Francois said the CEO's video displayed the "Teutonic arrogance" of the European Union.

"If he thinks because he runs a big company [that] he can bully British MPs on how to vote, he's going to be sorely mistaken," Francois told the BBC. "My father, Reginald Francois, was a D-Day veteran. He never submitted to bullying by any German and neither will his son."

Living in an alternate universe. As I have said before, the British MPs lack leadership and basic knowledge what the project EEC was or EU is all about. Many signs of a return to the global pause in development human kind from a century ago. Poland too is fighting a battle most nations won 50 years ago ...

Polish singer charged with 'publicly insulting the emblem of the state'

Add the perils of Hungary on Schengen Accord and the immigration issue ...

According to Peter Szijjártó, it is also bad for New Year's Eve that Jean-Claude Juncker wants to tell what Christian democracy is. In response to a German newspaper interview by the President of the European Commission, the Foreign Minister said:

    "Jean-Claude Juncker has long been a non-Christian Democrat politician who wrought a statue of Marx, commemorated Fidel Castro, and under whose presidency immigrants spilled over Europe, and the English have left the union."

[Source: In the EU, East and West Are Falling Out of Tune | Stratfor |]

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

by Oui on Sat Jan 26th, 2019 at 09:40:46 AM EST

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