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... as the 27 member states of the EU exasperates.

MEP says EU now Supports NO-DEAL as Brexiteer 'delusion' infuriates Brussels

Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian MEP, lashed out at Brexiteers in the UK Parliament this morning, the day after they voted to send Theresa May back to the EU to scrap the Irish backstop in exchange for an "alternative arrangement". The Prime Minister won the crucial vote with a majority of 16 last night, giving her a mandate to go back to the EU to demand fresh talks. But Mr Lamberts said Brexiteers are "deluded" if they think Brussels will make concessions regarding the backstop. Mr Lamberts, who is also a prominent member of the EU's Brexit Steering Group, which prepares the European Parliament's deliberations and resolutions on Brexit, said: "There is delusion on the side of the hard Brexiteers, they still deny that what agreed on the Good Friday agreement is here to stay.  

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Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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